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Bug Bytes: Narrate your own BugReplay report

Ever find yourself recording a bug report for your developers or IT department and wish you could add notes or simply talk them through the issue? Ever find that the visual walkthrough alone doesn’t quite communicate the problem to the fullest extent?  We know your pain and we’ve done something cool to eliminate it.
Introducing the new BugReplay bug report narration feature!
One simple mouse-click lets you enable audio mic recording to create a voiceover to accompany your bug report. 

Communicate your difficulties in real-time, without the need for additional files, lengthy emails back and forth, in-app chats, etc. You can explain the problem and how it affects your experience of the app/site, and what you want developers/IT pros to address to make your life easier. Nothing lost in translation, no misconceptions, no running down the wrong track, no barking up the wrong tree, you get the idea. Time saved. The right people can quickly ascertain the issue and make the right moves to fix it.