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New Feature Announcement: It's all in the Timing

Regardless of industry or niche, every business wants their website or blog to deliver a great user experience. No matter how wonderful your offering, visitor experience on your site depends on how fast your content displays. Waiting leads to frustration; frustration leads to visitors up and leaving with the likelihood that they won’t come back. The reality is that the preponderance of visitors take less than the blink of an eye to decide if your site is wasting valuable time. That’s it! You have 400 msec to get that content up before they’re off to find your competitor.  As buying behavior on the web evolves, you can’t afford to overlook the importance of page load rates.
Don’t panic! BugReplay saves the day by making identifying and alleviating lag quick and easy. Our new Resource Timing with Video Sync feature is your microscope for examining website performance in real-time.

Select the Network Traffic option from your BugReplay dashboard to view site performance metrics for every…