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BGP: The Arthritic Backbone of the Internet

February 2014 was a cold month for Tokyo residents, In the bustling suburb of Shibuya, the Mt. Gox bitcoin exchange felt the chill most acutely, Over the course of a few weeks, they fell victim to one of the most infamous BGP hacks in recent history.  Using credentials from a Mt.Gox auditor's compromised computer, an audacious hacker transferred almost half a billion Mt. Gox customer's bitcoins to himself.

In 2017, a Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack took down Internet services for most of the US Eastern Seaboard.

In 2018,  for just over an hour connections to Google Cloud services, APIs, and websites were diverted through overseas IP addresses, snaking their way through systems in Russia and China. Sites and apps built on Google Cloud, such as Spotify, Nest, and Snapchat, were affected.

As recently as June of this year, huge swaths of Europe’s mobile traffic took an unwelcome detour through state-backed China Telecom. While the 24th of the month saw the internet suf…