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20 tips to help small businesses supercharge their cybersecurity game

House of StrawSmall businesses, whether they like to admit it or not, are vulnerable to many of the same cyber threats as their larger counterparts. A recent Keeper Securitystudy uncovered a startling truth; two-thirds of small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) don't believe they will ever fall victim to an attack! This is a shocking stance, given the evidence to the contrary. In the year prior to this survey, 67% of businesses sustained cyberattacks of various degrees of severity. The study showed that a paultry 12% of SME leaders recognize that an attack is a matter of when and not if.
Why have so many SMEs assumed the first-little-piggie position? 
Studies, like the Keeper Security survey, reveal that many in small-to-medium enterprises believe their businesses are simply not appealing to hackers by virtue of their size, their business model, or the type of product/service they offer. The dominant cyber-buzz surrounding the issue of cyber threats does nothing to subvert their co…