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FUD and the Infosec Zombies

FUD and the Infosec ZombiesEvery week we see news headlines about new cyber attacks and security vulnerabilities affecting millions of consumers and businesses around the world. In recent years it appears that the rate of government leaks and ransomware attacks is multiplying at an alarming rate. Everyone, from the Luddite to the technophile, is concerned that their personal and professional data is a risk. And once a new or perceived threat becomes known, it is next to impossible to kill the hype attached, creating InfoSec zombies that are free to run rampant through our collective consciousness. Therefore the question is: Is the current level of InfoSec angst justified or is there a calculated policy of scaremongering designed to sell us unnecessary or inflated cybersecurity products? The Cyber-Umbrella The word cyber is pervasive, ubiquitous, omnipotent. Cyber-Bullying, cyber-crime, cyber-stalking. Consuming the public and private sectors of almost every economy as well as the indivi…