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The rise of social media data breaches

Falling Through Cracks in the Social NetworkHacks are not new. Internet users are all too used to sidestepping known phishing landmines. With a new attack on businesses and individuals every 39 seconds, we have become battle-hardened in the war against the black hat. Most of us are alert to malicious emails and know what actions to take when we come across them. Now, however, attackers are hitting us where it hurts the most, where we feel safest, where we are supposed to be among friends - now they’re violating our social media lives.

Mobile has created an effective channel for attackers to mine our social data and the variety and reach of the onslaught is breathtaking.  Social engineering is a particularly cynical approach that builds ‘friendships’ and establishes trust, all the while extracting operable personal information. ISIS has employed this type of attack, sharing personal information, home addresses, family photos and more, all gathered from the social media accounts of defen…