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Number 5 is Alive: The Secret Life of Luc Esape

I’m a Real Boy!Luc Esape is not who he appears to be. The mild-mannered software engineer at the Spirals research team at Lille University, France is hiding something. His profile picture makes him look like an eager developer-beaver, but don't be fooled. Luc has a secret identity, so secret in fact that he was able to carry out his covert mission without raising the suspicions of even the most eagle-eyed observer.

Maybe you got to know him through GitHub. Maybe you thought he was your friend. Were you about to ask him to join your fantasy football league? Did you tell your buddies about this great guy at work? Were you going to name your first born after him? I’m sorry to be the one to tell you, but everything you thought you knew about Luc was a lie! He’s not your friend, he’s no one's friend. Luc Esape is a bot!

It’s true! Luc is not a human man. He’s an artificial software designer created by a team of researchers at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden. …