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Uptick in macOS Malware: Debunking the myth that macOS is impervious to malware

The ubiquity of the Windows platform in both enterprise and personal computing is indisputable. However, with tech industry growth, the trend towards BYOT and the proliferation of OSes in the workplace comes the rise of the Mac.

It is estimated that Macsnow account for approximately 1 in every 10 PCs in personal use. Exponential growth in macOS engagement means hackers are increasing their efforts in building malicious inroads into Apple’s flagship operating system. We are beginning to see the same range of Mac malware more commonly found within Windows environments, and their sophistication rattles many a Mac devotee.

Security through minorityApple has always lauded the exclusivity of its OS, suggesting that it’s the central pillar of its security stronghold. Apple’s macOS, Garden of Eden, is a veritable blackbox, closed off to the external research communities that might otherwise uncover threats to it. Apple is loathe to commit to debug bounty programs that would require lifting the …