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How BugReplay Can Save You Time

BugReplay Guest Blog Written by Jordan Escoto

From browser quirks to bugs caused by faulty lines of code, tracking down bugs can be difficult. BugReplay can help you debug user feedback quickly by providing video bug reports with developer console logs and all the data you need to diagnose and fix bugs.

The bug reporting process is quite complex: it includes several different people (QA, developers, product managers, customers/end-users, etc.) with varying levels of technical knowledge or expertise, and all the members involved must be able to provide just enough key information so that the developer can fix the issue. But it has to be the “right” information, and additional useless data can slow down the process. Obtaining both visual and critical data is hard to do in an efficient way.

Let’s take a look at how BugReplay can help developers debug user feedback quickly. We created a quick fictional website called OneTrip using Vue.js. This basic page is composed of two Vue components…