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Up and Running With Headless Chrome

BugReplay Guest Blog Written by Matthew Lilley

Headless is a common term that’s thrown around in the Software Engineering world. It generally means the ability of a piece of software that usually has a graphical user interface (GUI) component to run without it.

But, Why... Automated testing for web applications has come a long way. You can write tests that drive a web browser in almost any language and have them run continuously whenever an application's code has changed.

What has been tricky in the past is running those tests on remote servers in the cloud. Typically a linux server on Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform (or Azure, IBM, etc) will not be configured with desktop GUI software, because it is unnecessary for day to day software development. Being able to run Chrome in that environment in headless mode makes automated testing in the cloud not only possible, but pretty simple.
Availability As of Chrome 60, headless mode is available on all of the major operating…