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Troubleshooting A ReactJS Project With BugReplay

React is frequently written in JSX and then compiled down to JavaScript using something like Babel. Afterwards, the JavaScript is pretty much unrecognizable. This makes for tricky debugging when your console errors point to a line in the compiled js.

When compiling with Babel, you can specify that Babel additionally create source map files (.map), which is an index that allows a parser (like Chrome DevTools) to translate a compiled, combined and/or minified file back to its original state. That way line numbers in console stack traces match up to the actual source of the error in your own code, versus in the compiled JavaScript where the line number is likely different.

For this example I’ve forked ToDoMVC, which is an example ToDo list app written in a handful of different frameworks. I’ve broken the ‘toggle all’ feature, which fires off when clicking the button which toggles all ToDo items either checked or unchecked. I modified the source so it runs off of compiled and minified Ja…

How To Use Google Cloud's Free Structured Logging Service With Golang

I had a conversation with an early user of BugReplay some months ago, who had a problem with our software.
I’m getting “Failed to attach to the network logging of the debugger” when trying to record. There’s a brief moment of panic when you hear this kind of thing as a developer. That error message is supposed to be a failsafe when earlier error checking didn’t catch an issue. It’s an error that is not supposed to happen.

Luckily, we had spent a good deal of time at BugReplay setting up logging for specifically this reason. I checked Google’s log console, punched in a few filters - structpayload.EventName=’ExtensionError’ - and I found logs relevant to the problem. I dug into the stack trace and found the message that the browser had reported: “The extensions gallery cannot be scripted” and the url that the error had occured on:

Google’s logging service is awesome. It’s one of those services that brings me actual joy to use beca…