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How It All Started

Welcome to the BugReplay blog! We thought our first post should be a short intro to our company. So here it is!

I’ve been a developer for over a decade primarily on web applications. As a web developer, I spend lots of time talking and thinking about bugs. Dealing with bugs is frustrating enough when I find them myself, on my own software. However, when they are relayed to me through multiple layers of people, I often find myself asking the other person to clarify the problem multiple times (they see the software from the outside, while I see it from the inside).

Saying “I can’t get on the website” might sound like a great description to the person experiencing it, but for a developer it’s almost entirely useless. What’s worse is having to tell them you can’t reproduce the problem - which is unhelpful, confusing, and maddening (for them)!

One day I was diagnosing an intermittent problem with a site I was working on when I became frustrated about not being able to reproduce what the us…